Dr Doug is honestly THE BEST dentist I've ever had! I got in an accident and got a couple of my front teeth broken and/or knocked out and Dr Doug went above and beyond to give me my smile back within a year. They look better than they did before! He's even fixed problems left or created by the work of my previous dentist. Plus, he and his staff are so nice and friendly I always feel like I'm visiting friends when I go into the office. Can't beat great work done by great people.
Grace S.
Started seeing Dr. Kosek 2 years ago. Such a great dentist. I enjoy his and his dental hygienists work so much i even got my mom and dad to go to him. Would highly recommend him to anyone! I also must admit that I love that went to Purdue University like i did! Love a fellow boilermaker!
Alexius W.
I have been going to this dentistry for 15+ years! Dr. Kosek is beyond exceptional in all aspects, ranging from his ability to calm any child down to truly aid anyone in a dental need! He only hires the kindest hygienists and coworkers. I was lucky enough to be treated by his newest young doctor, and his charismatic attitude matched Dr. Kosek’s! I will never change who gets to check out my teeth.
Caroline B.
I have been driving an hour from home for 4 years, just to come to this incredible Dentist and his Team! Doctor Doug is one of the kindest men I’ve ever met. He really cares and his skills are very much appreciated! I had to have a root canal and he did a great job. No problems and no more pain in that tooth. His staff has been with him for decades and their work is the best I’ve ever had after struggling with dentists for 60 years. I’m finally able to just go to my appointments and have work done and don’t feel cheated with care and overcharges! I’m serious people, they are great!!!
Susie H.
I have never really been much of a fan of the dentist, but Doug and his crew are fantastic. I look forward to seeing them for cleanings and ortho care. They are by far the very best dental team I’ve ever had. Nice, they care, they remember things about their patients, they’re gentle. All amazing things.
Marissa S.
Have had a vast amount of dental work throughout my life visiting multiple Dentists. Nothing compares to Dr Kosek and his team. The entire staff is incredibly warm, friendly, and professional. I am very happy and confident in their practice and would strongly recommend them to anyone!
Jonathan N.
A week after relocating to the South Bend area I found myself in need of a dentist to repair an implant. I was referred to Doug (Kosek) and his team by my son (whose recommendation I trust implicitly). Doug gladly found room for me and I found his dental expertise, ethics, and professional manner exemplary and mirrored by his staff. I highly recommend giving their office a call!
Ric B.
Everyone is so friendly! I appreciate the care taken with my teeth and that everything is explained to me as it's being done. Jenny and Dr. Kosek are great!
Lynn L.
Extraction of upper back tooth was one of the best experiences I've had with dental work. Not a bit of pain and all involved were extremely pleasant and caring. Thank you.
Joe S.
I love the entire staff at Dr. Kosek’s office, they are so friendly and accommodating. I’ve always felt more like a friend there than a client. He’s the first dentist that I not needed Nitrous gas with. He’s so extremely gentle that I’m fine without it.
Michelle L.

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